Firmware Huawei E5180AS-22

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Firmware Huawei E5180AS-22

Postauthor: szymucha120 » 2021-03-19, 12:40

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section and please move it. I need firmware for the E5180AS-22 router (version with antenna inputs, not E5180S-22) What do I need it for? The original soft is a plus and I have a problem with this router, namely from time to time it cuts off the download (I can't load the page, the download freezes, etc.), while the upload works (I can read the recordings from the cameras on my phone). Restarting the router, or disconnecting and reconnecting to the network through the configuration page helps. This is probably due to the software itself because those with the brand, e.g. PLAY (version without antenna) do not report any problems with this router.

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Re: Firmware Huawei E5180AS-22

Postauthor: m-blue » 2021-05-09, 16:13

did you deal with it? exactly the same for me.

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