Router with PoE-out for symmetric 500/500 link

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Router with PoE-out for symmetric 500/500 link

Postauthor: Osimaru » 2023-03-12, 10:46


I am asking for help in choosing a router.

Regarding requirements:
1. Must be able to handle 500Mbps/500Mbps fiber link (preferably with some spare)
2. It must be powered from the mains socket by the power supply OR alternatively by PoE-in with the power supply that I have U-PoE-AF UniFi power supply
3. It would be great if it had a PoE-out in the appropriate standard on one LAN port to power the Ubiquiti U6-Lite AP. Then I could get rid of the PoE power supply
4. Wi-Fi in the router is not needed - that's why I have the above-mentioned AP.

The budget, if possible, is up to PLN 600 net - if it fails, then something close to this amount.

I would be very grateful for your help.

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