How to share your internet connection equally

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How to share your internet connection equally

Postauthor: rook1990 » 2015-02-28, 01:26

Hello. As in the subject, I would like to ask you how to divide the Internet connection evenly, I mean 20 users and that each should have 2048 mb. What server on linux? Thank you in advance for your answer

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Re: How to share internet connection evenly

Postauthor: magdak2000 » 2021-01-27, 14:57

It is worth considering what you really want to achieve. There are also quite a lot of distributions, so I don't know what you have. There is also the question of how well you know linux? The distribution itself can of course be downloaded from many websites for free, but some are quite complicated to use. What connection will you have in what standard? What upload and what download?

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Re: How to share internet connection evenly

Postauthor: collar » 2021-10-02, 13:03

The topic as I see from January, I also do not know what you have. If you want to use Linux and provide users with Internet via Wi-Fi, you can use a Linux program - Niceshaper. There are also routers that have automatic band sharing, this feature is called Bandwitch Manager.

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