Asus WL-500gP - USB router

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Asus WL-500gP - USB router

Postauthor: Patryk » 2009-02-26, 20:25

In this thread I will try to explain issues related to the Asus WL-500gP router, alternative firmware versions and, above all, the cooperation of this device with GSM / UMTS terminals :)

So... let's go ;)

Part I - We are going shoppingwhich version of the router to choose and how they differ?

At the moment, there are two versions of the router available for sale - WL-500gP V1 and V2.
A much better choice is the older V1 version - it has a removable WiFi card in the MiniPCI slot, a slightly faster processor (266 MHz versus 240 MHz in the V2 version) and half of the 32 MB of RAM is not blocked by software.
But the most important issue is the problematic USB V2 subsystem running under Linux 2.4 - people are complaining about it, and the only cure is to force 1.1 mode, which of course dramatically reduces performance.
In addition, the V1 version is clearly better made, and this applies to both the case and the motherboard.
Unfortunately, probably in some time the supply of routers in the older version will end, and it will be left to buy V2 - but for now, fortunately, we have the opportunity to make a conscious choice :)

How do I know if a router is V1 or V2?
Very simple - older devices have the WLAN antenna on the left side (looking from the front - from the front panel), and newer ones on the right.

Part II - Which firmware to choose?

We have the router on the desk, we plug it in ... and we wonder what software to upload to it to easily and easily handle our USB modem, share files from the connected hard drive, set up a torrent download server ;)et cetera, whatever your heart desires :)

Basically, a novice user who wants to share his GSM/UMTS Internet connection has two "paths" to choose from:

-Czech firmware [email protected] ( ), based on the original Asus code, with identical options in the Webif (web user interface, i.e. what we see in the browser after logging into the router), with added support for multiple mobile terminals.

-OpenWRT project ( - an advanced, modular Linux distribution with a package manager that supports dependencies, updated very often.
It supports virtually all devices that support the Linux kernel in the newer version 2.6.
However, this software is quite difficult to configure, so in the rest of this guide we will focus on installing, configuring and breaking sweat ;) from the software [email protected]

Part III - Installing (flashing) alternative firmware.

a) Download the TRX file containing the firmware [email protected] in the version suitable for our device:

V1 - ... B-1.71.trx
V2 - ... B-1.71.trx

b) Install the Asus toolkit from the CD that came with the router (/Utility directory)

c) In the Start Menu, select Firmware Restoration from the submenu Asus Utility > WL-500gP Wireless Router - we have just launched a tool to flash our machine.
In the file selection window, select the previously downloaded TRX file.
We do not click anything else or close this tool.

d) Connect Asus with an ethernet cable to the computer's network card, set full DHCP on the interface in the network options in Windows.

e) Disconnect the power from the router (if we connected it before), locate the black micro button marked [i] Restore [i/] on the back panel, press it with a thin tool and keep it pressed.

f) While holding down the Restore button, connect the power supply to the router, and release it when the Power LED starts flashing regularly. We have just entered the router into diagnostic mode.

g) Go back to the flashing tool, and click "Submit". We are waiting for the firmware to upload, for flashing and restarting the router. That's it, we already have a machine working on the new firmware ;)
Log in to the router with a browser (address, username and password "admin").

cdn soon ;)

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Re: Asus WL-500gP - USB router

Postauthor: msoban » 2012-09-13, 21:12

I have this router, it is currently running on the software
Now: I will change the modem to Huawei e398
Will he go on this couch?
I already know that it will delay, if it's too slow I'll buy AirLive AIR3GII.
For now, however, I want to try on Asus WL-500gP - V2 - it will work as it is (okay, I'll change the vendor code etc).
Will she go? Anyone tried?
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Currently: AnyData ADU-635WA, OrangeFree, WL-500GP v2 router, Open Suse 11.0 (but I'm looking for something else)

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HUAWEI E3372 modem

Postauthor: grs-s » 2014-12-07, 21:08

Has anyone tried to connect this modem? Something's not working for me. After changing the firmware to V1 - and when I plug it into USB, the LED flashes that it has logged into the 4G network but has not connected.

Maybe something specific needs to be set in "USB Connection - GPRS/EDGE/UMTS Config"?
In "Custom USB device parameters"?

What to do if this modem is not in "Zero CD Configuration"?

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Re: Asus WL-500gP - USB router

Postauthor: lechowiec » 2015-12-15, 20:10

Hello, I am also trying to connect the Huawei E3372 modem to this router and so far unsuccessfully. An old router with old Czech software and a modem cannot communicate. Is there anyone on the forum who will be able to recompile the old firmware, taking into account the support for this modem? On the Huawei E176 it worked flawlessly. On this new without improving the firmware, there will be nothing of it.

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Re: Asus WL-500gP - USB router

Postauthor: jarek7714 » 2016-03-14, 20:39

Since last autumn Tomato by shibby is available for the above-mentioned routers, very compatible with LTE E3276/3272/3372-w NDIS/NCM modems (with a new driver from Huawei) and HiLink. I have an old WL500gp v1, I have already replaced the capacitors on the motherboard, the equipment allows transfer up to 30Mbps, works much more stable than the weak TL routers of the MR series Name TomatoUSB
Model Asus WL-500gP
Chipset Broadcom BCM4704 chip rev 9 pkg 0
CPU Frequency 264MHz
Flash size 8MB

Time Mon, 14 Mar 2016 20:40:29 +0100
Uptime 59 days, 05:16:11
CPU Load (1 / 5 / 15mins) 0.24 / 0.11 / 0.03
Total / Free Memory 28.63 MB / 18.63 MB (65.06%)
Total / Free NVRAM 32.00KB / 11.31KB (35.34%) MAC Address 00:17:31:DC...
Connection Type 4G/LTE
IP Address
Subnet Mask
MTU 1500

Status Connected
Connection Uptime 7 days, 03:13:20
Remaining Lease Time 0 days, 20:46:40

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