Rules of Netiquette applicable on the Forum

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Rules of Netiquette applicable on the Forum

Postauthor: Vipera » 2006-03-30, 01:24


Netiquette is a set of savoir-vivre rules applicable in discussions on the Internet, and thus on Wireless internet forum.

I. How to formulate Your statements on the Forum?
    1. If you are commenting on an already existing thread (topic), write on the topic it concerns.

    2. Before creating a thread, check to see if the topic has already been discussed.
    Use the Forum search engine: Picture Search forum topics .

    3. Try to make the title of the thread you assume clear and understandable for everyone.

    4. When replying to a post, quote only the necessary parts and cut out the rest. Never quote signatures!

    5. If you ask someone a question, formulate it precisely.

II. Unacceptable behavior!
    1. Do not swear.

    2. Do not insult or personally attack your interlocutors.

    3. Don't impersonate others.

    4. Do not post announcements or advertisements! You can post your ad on the forum Let's start the search. But only according to the rules prevailing there - Terms and Conditions.

    5. Do not spam.

    6. Don't post the same information in multiple places.

    7. Do not post threads that are not relevant to the topic of the forum.

    8. Do not paste entire statements or articles of others. Only quote the relevant passages to which you refer in your statement. Provide links to sources.

    9. Avoid typing BIG in letters - on the Internet, it means you are screaming. Also, don't use exclamation marks. If you want to highlight a word or sentence, you can use BBCode or emoticons.

    10. Follow the rules of spelling. Entries with errors like 'comurka', "mug", "ktury", "karzdy", "rzno"! No piSHmY ff TEN SpoSoop nio =D!
    Familiarize yourself with the page: Stop bulls Picture and use a dictionary, e.g. Dictionary or the spell checker built into the FireFox web browser Picture

    11. Ignore users whose sole purpose is to tease and criticize. Your replies to their posts will only encourage further activity.

    12. Be careful with humor and irony! They can be incomprehensible or offensive.

    13. If the discussion turns into a private chat, continue it outside the forum or using it Private PM Messages.

    14. If you want to get someone's attention, do it politely, preferably through PW.

    15. Try to advise others, not mock them - everyone was once a beginner!

    16. Do not post Avatars, images with offensive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory content, generally accepted as erotic and / orornographic

According to Forum Regulations statements that violate Netiquette will be deleted.
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