Internet from the municipal 5GHz hotspot

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Internet from the municipal 5GHz hotspot

Postauthor: sarah1991 » 2023-02-27, 10:01

Based on this reading from the phone (Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G) located on the balcony, can it be said that after using an external 5GHz antenna, it would be possible to connect to this hotspot and use it instead of LTE?


The phone does not see this network to connect to, the transmitter is not visible from the house - it is covered by the hill. Today I am going to test the quality of the connection directly under this hotspot.

What is the cheapest used router you would need to buy for testing? Could making a double biquad 5Ghz antenna from yt guides and combining it with a satellite dish with a 1m dish be effective?

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Re: Internet from a municipal 5GHz hotspot

Postauthor: voytek » 2023-02-27, 10:46

If there is no optical visibility between the antennas, forget about the connection. The Fresnel Zone also needs to be clean.

The times of self-made biquads are rather irrevocably gone, you can't break through the mountain anyway.

The router used is, say, Ubiquti Nanostation M5, Nanobeam or similar, but they will not break through the top either.
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